Could you have survived the internal turmoil and risen to become the first Autumn Emperor? 

The First Autumn Emperor's Story

The First Autumn Emperor: revered, feared and enigmatic. A warlord who survived the Great Fragmentation, he amassed power in an era where land was divided into warring kingdoms, where peace was an unimaginable notion. He alone, emerged victorious.

Folklores recount a fearless warrior, a cunning strategist and a legendary visionary. From his small fiefdom, he set out to unify the land and prepare it to withstand the impending invasion. After gaining the position of the Autumn Emperor, he would later uncover the secret of firedust and forge the Thousand Sun Weapons, ultimately using them to drive the foreign invaders back into the sea. This victory would pave the way for centuries of peace and prosperity.

No one knew when he died or when he transcended to being a mythical figure. Leaving his legacy behind with three tombs: once for his treasures, another for his weapons, and the last for his final resting space.

Who was the First Autumn Enperor? We may never know, but could you have taken his place in history and overcome the challenges he faced.

Can you unite the warring kingdoms; liberate the people from civil war and rally them to a common cause? Are you able to build an empire for your people to live happily in, one that will also stand the test of time?

The field is yours: delve into the secrets and origins of the Autumn Empire; rise to greatness or forever languish in obscurity – your legacy awaits.

Reign of the Old Dynasty

Wealth, crops and power — The Old Dynasty had it all. Yet, greedy and vengeful officials wanted more. They wanted land, personal soldiers and even properties that belonged to the imperial family!

Years of shady relationships, corruption officials and incompetent rulers finally led to the a massive coup d’état and the Old Dynasty was overthrown.

These started years of wars in the lands. Self-proclaimed warlords laid claim to factions that were formed by the acquisition of several provinces. Invisible powers entered the fray and made warlords do their bidding, leading to the destruction of several weaker provinces. Martial Artists roamed the lands and dispensed justice as they saw fit, Merchants traded and connived to trick people out of their assets, Scholars used underhanded tactics in their search for knowledge and sold their wits for favors. It seemed that the only sane ones were the monks, but are their intentions truly pure?

Decades later. The territories have been established into different provinces but you are not happy with what you have now. That insatiable desire to prove your worth is raging on. What will you do to make a name for yourself? Will you be able to unite the lands and rise up to be the First Autumn Emperor?

What destroyed the Old Dynasty?

Everyone knows of the Great Fragmentation but no one dares to say the phrase – it is widely regarded to be taboo. During that time, The Old Dynasty was destroyed due to a combination of internal politics, interference from ambitious officials, corruption from influential societies and betrayal from their vessel states. Bloodshed was aplenty, with bodies piling up the land and road turning red from all the spilt blood.

Till this day, people refrain from saying the phrase in fear that doing so would cause history to repeat itself. In fear of persecution and retribution, present warlords who have played a significant role in the Great Fragmentation used all methods to prevent their people from talking about the atrocities that they have committed. Execution, exile and torture. These are but a few of the ways that have been so cruelly used to suppress the people.